These Sweatpants Don’t Have Pockets

This could be a “Why am I Crying” pt. 2 or 3

In a therapy session, I went on a 10-15 minute rant about some sweatpants that cost me more than I’m willing to admit, not having pockets.

We all know how important pockets are. But really?

I knew in that moment that I wasn’t as upset at the lack of storage space that these pants provided. I was stressed with life. Work, Divorce, Parenting, Friendships, the list goes on.

I don’t know if I can say this is a result of my divorce. It sure feels like it. I wasn’t this emotional before regaining my strength. It definitely hits you out of the blue sometimes. Weeks have passed since my therapy session breakdown. Now that I try to get to the root of why I was so upset, I know it was just a minor inconvenience that gave me a reason to just let it all out.

The root issue in reality is everything. At that time, I was highly upset with where I was in my life. Now, I wish I could say I’m much further along – but I’m really not.

Here was a tidbit into how ridiculous this wave called life can be.