…are you ready for it?

I am not a swiftie, but I am not not a swiftie.

(I don’t really do fandoms. Nothing against them, I’m just not pulled strongly one way)

I enjoy her music. I think she’s an incredible business woman. She is always 10 steps ahead. If I ever had the chance to meet her, I don’t think I’d gush over her music. Sure, I’d compliment her and rattle off a few of my favorites. I genuinely want to pick her brain on how she operates. How does she do it all? Maintain friendships, write music that touches millions, sleep? I feel exhausted in my day to day.

We all believe the false narrative that money fixes or solves all (most) problems, but we know that not true. It’s hard to believe that when you feel like you’re life is crashing. At least, I’m speaking from my experience. I use to feed into celeb gossip and acted as if it were my major. Nowadays, I’ll read and quickly remember celebrities are people too. Regardless if Taylor and her boyfriend broke things off, at the end of the day she is human and she’s putting on a happy face and a helluva show for thousands a night.

I applaud Ms. Taylor Alison Swift. Brava, now please write a self help book for me to learn a 10th of how you function.