If I Ever get Remarried…

I am not having a big wedding.

I never wanted my first one. My dream wedding day was going to the court house and then a nice dinner with our immediate families.

My ex wanted all the glitz and glam. I ended up having to plan it all. I am extremely happy with how everything turned out. It was a really fun day. I was surrounded by my family and friends that are family. I got to see my exes family and mines beautifully mixed and enjoying life together.

I’m pretty organized so the planning part wasn’t too stressful on me. In fact, I probably should have been an event planner. However, I just did not want a big celebration. A marriage is about the couple not the party.

I am 98% sure I won’t have a huge shin dig if I met Mr. Right. I give room for 2%, because I can see a possibility of having a small intimate backyard/small venue kinda thing. I’m talking, dress under $150. “Reception” dinner catered from our favorite restaurant. Spotify playlist curated. Guest list count of 20-25 tops.

Thinking that thought, maybe I’m at 99% in favor of a courthouse wedding and maybe a bigger reception come a milestone anniversary.