February 2023 Recap

January was a lot to live up to and boy did February give it a good run!

Here are my highlights:

  1. Made some sweet memories with my little. She’s turning into her own person and I love to see her growth. I underestimate just how smart my offspring is!
  2. Crafting more! I have tapped into my creativity and have tried replicating things I see online. I was sent a great idea for a baby shower gift and I am on track to execute it perfectly.
  3. My best friend gave me some great news! I got a random FaceTime (which isn’t her style) and the call ended in the sweetest happiest tears. This led me to crafting more and shipping her a special surprise
  4. I’m still on track with my New Years Goal – I read 2 more book! One of which was my companies “Book Club” read!
  5. This last highlight is the same as January’s. Simply stated more progress has been made.

Now my lowlights

  1. Financial stress is still there. I did better this month, but the looming thought is still there.
  2. Tough decisions were made. Thinking of the future of my daughter is a scary thought. I know she can’t live in my bubble forever, but the outside world is scary.
  3. Mentally trying to compare February to January. I almost self sabotaged how great this month could actually be.