Hot Take: Christmas Mode

Christmas mode shouldn’t begin until Black Friday.

Maybe it’s all the years I worked retail. Maybe it’s because I love Thanksgiving. Maybe it’s the idea that Hobby Lobby has Christmas aisles in July. I like the holiday season, moreso now that I get to experience them through young eyes. Halloween was my least favorite, still honestly is. I was never into dressing up, but I do look forward to the day my daughter is asking to be a certain character.

My family always used the day after Thanksgiving as our Christmas decoration day. There were a few years that those decorations got pushed a day or 2 because my brother and I worked those dreaded Black Friday hours.

Personally, I don’t feel those Christmas magical feeling until Thanksgiving has passed. My parents one time did Christmas in July (don’t ask me why). It was interesting to say the least.

I’m sure some of you have had your Christmas vibes since Nov. 1. For all those with me, now you can officially start turning up Mariah Carey.