Hall Pass

Not that I need one of those anymore…

We all know the concept of a hall pass, right? For those that are married, this is the person (usually a celebrity) that the other partner would ‘look the other way’ if they came into your presence.

When I was married, I couldn’t choose just 1 pass. I would have lost my marbles if Jesse Williams or Michael Ealy crossed my path. Realistically, if I saw them I’d probably say hi in passing then hide and freak out.

Now my list just continues to grow. There’s something about Simu Liu. After reading his book, I was drawn to him more. Zachary Levi, forever ‘Chuck’ my favorite Nerd Herd employee also left me with a soft spot. I know this is totally ridiculous, but hey a girl can dream.

Please tell me who is on your Hall Pass list!?