Quality over Quantity

I am proud to not have many great friends. It’s true, you really don’t know who your friends are until you’ve gone through some tough situations. It’s easy to be friends during the good times; it’s hard to be friends when shit hits the fan.

The key to my best friendship is not that hard when I think about it.

The friends I have now each serve a purpose:

The one who is a great listener. I have multiple of these. I need people that will listen and not judge. I also need something will listen and just when needed. I know I am not always in the right. True friends won’t sugarcoat things.

The friend that will talk shit with you. Not much explanation needed for this one.

The friend that will give you advice (that you don’t mind). Now this is different than the listening friend that judges. It can still be the same friend, just the info shared and way it shared has a different impact.

The friend that you are jealous (in a good way) of their qualities. One specific girlfriend comes to mind. This friend frustrates me because if you told me that she was talking negatively about anyone, I’d know for sure you were lying.

The friend of an opposite sex. I believe men and women CAN be friends. More to come on this topic.

Those are my categories!

I hope reading those bring a smile to your face as you thought of your friends. Did I miss any category?

The last tidbit I’d like to add about my friendships is – I can bring the friends I do have together and they will all genuinely get along. I’ve had enough girls nights that my friends know each other. There’s not a better feeling than hearing one friend ask about another.