The Best Friend Post

I told you that she’d get her own post.

So for this post I’ll give you some background, why she’s the best, and how we maintain our friendship.

We met in college. Hook ’em Horns \m/ She was actually visiting a floor mate of mines and after going to a foam party, we formed our own bond. Our first friendship date was going to Black Swan Yoga in ATX. As we rode in her PT Cruiser, stick shift cause she’s just that cool, we heard ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ and that is now our song every time I hear it.

We’re from the same city, but she got the travel bug and left home for different cities. She has worked her ass off and is living her life to the fullest. One of my favorite memories will always be her last night home. We went out to a bar and during last call we just danced the night away and cried while dancing and cried even harder as we departed ways. Our goodbyes are now not as bittersweet. We have big girl jobs and can travel and make long weekends out of it.

Why is she the best. She simply accepts me for me. We both have extremely busy lifestyles. We still keep in contact. I can be my authentic self and tell her when I’m having a bad day. She is genuinely happy for my happiness. She is a present person in my daughters life. I of course, am always her biggest cheerleader. I hope I am half the friend to her as she is to me. (I believe I am, but I obviously don’t know how she perceives my actions).


Random text here and there and scheduled FaceTimes is what keeps the friendship alive. When I think my friend, I will send her a text to let her know she’s on my mind. The text can be an inside joke “Dont’forget your pellets” or a simple “I love you”. It’s just a nice reminder that we aren’t alone on this little thing called life. She loves the random kiddo spam of pics and videos I’ll send her on a whim.

I didn’t know what a true friendship was until I was entering adulthood. I am so grateful of the bond I have with my bestie. She’s been through a lot with me 🥰