Adding a New Goal

So I didn’t see this on my 2023 Bingo card, but scratch of running races has happened more than once.

I previously mentioned running in my March 2023 Recap post.

To give you better background, I didn’t start running into I went to college. I met a friend of one of my floormates that I’d see here and there at the rec. I would workout because “that’s what your suppose to do”. I was lost in the gym. Then the classes I took for my major led me down the path of learning body and movement. The friend mentioned above had the wild idea for us to run a 5k. You would have thought I was training for a marathon with how serious I took training. We would meet a few times a week and run downtown Austin. When we weren’t together we would do individual runs and keep each other updated.

This led me to my 5k a year goal. I ran 1 5k a year of college. I had a fun semester of running just to move and going to the gym. Then when it was the 5k semester, I was full focus on beating my time. I kinda left the running me back in Austin.

Fast forward 9 years and I ran a 5k mud run on a days notice. The following year (now!), I ran a 5k with a months heads up. And now, I signed up for a 6k to build off of my training.

I never stopped running. I just stopped having a purpose. Now I know that I don’t need a purpose.

I have always credited running with being a great stress reliever, and the 30 year old version of me certainly agrees.