If I could change careers…

I would probably go into the financial advisory route. It’s no surprise, humans like money. I don’t like money because it’s purchasing power. I like the game of saving.

I helped my ex husband build his credit. I gave him the tips and tricks that my parents taught me. My good friend is a former bank employee and we often talk money and she has helped me learn so much more than I thought about.

Tip 1: Learn and drill into your brain that you pay your credit card in FULL monthly.

Tip 2: Get a credit card that will reward you. For example, a travel card or cash back.

Tip 3: Put bills on Auto Pay (if you can afford to do so)
*also check your bills monthly to make sure you are being charged correctly
** don’t be afraid to question any billing that looks incorrect

Tip 4: If you have a card that gives you cash back, apply that cash back to the credit card statement. Why add it to your bank account, just to pay to your bill?

Tip 5: If you online shop often, join Rakuten and add the Honey and Capital One Shopping extensions
* Rakuten gives you cash back for online shopping. Here is my referral link if you want to check it out.
** Honey and Capital One Shopping will look for discount codes for you

Tip 6: This ones for the parents, give your kiddos a kick start to credit, by adding them as an authorized user on your credit card. Especially, if you have a good relationship with credit.

Tip 7: Buying something “On Sale” doesn’t mean you save X amount of $. It means you spent X amount of $.

Tip 8: Shop with the mindset of is this a want or need. If it’s a want, I like to hold off for a few days, weeks, and yes I’ve waited months. If I’m still thinking about it, then I go back and get it.

Tip 9: Returning products that don’t fit exceptions is A-Okay. Why dislike something for it to just sit. (Of course this doesn’t apply to everything)

Tip 10: Price matching and price adjusting is your friend. Look up stores price matching and adjusting rules. You are literally spending money that isn’t necessary. I’ve price matched companies one website and saves money. Also, if you are unsure on rules, don’t be afraid to ask. I learned Amazon doesn’t price adjust their products. They prefer you return the product and repurchase.

Tip 11: Couponing isn’t difficult. Most things are digital. The first part nowadays is downloading your store of choices app. 2nd part is scrolling through the available coupons. Kroger is my go to grocery store and I even get targeted coupons based on my purchase history. Being mailed coupons monthly for items that are frequently purchased really makes my day.

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If you read and enjoyed these tips, please like and share! This post was made more out of a passion project of mines. I know it’s not groundbreaking and some see these as commonsense. Well they weren’t common sense to people I’ve encounter in my life. So please, if you took anything from this or think it’s worth someone else seeing, please share.

❤ Thank you!