Fitness – Peloton

Everyone has a fitness journey. We all have different motivations. The Peloton app is just one of mines.

I have come to realize that I am at peace and happiest when I get in 20-30 minutes of activity.

I absolutely love my Peloton, and more importantly the Peloton app. Back at the start of the pandemic, I took advantage of the free 3 months of the Peloton app.

As a “Push Present”, I was gifted a Peloton bike. I absolute love this thing. I must be honest though, I use the app to utilize other types of workout more than cycling. I also take great pride in seeing my stats. I don’t necessarily need to compare myself to others on the leaderboard.

Here is my most recent accomplishment! I’ve worked out for 30 days straight. This was a combo of cycle, running, strength, dance, and meditation.

Here is a link if you are interested in trying out the Peloton app.
Here is a link if you are interest in purchasing a Peloton! (Bike or Tread)

*I don’t get any sort of credit for you expressing interest in the app. I do however receive credit if you purchase a Peloton product.