Challenges of being a single mom

Here are a few things that have been hard doing solo. I did a lot of single mom stuff early into motherhood while married. Some of the things I actually found easier to do after I filed for divorce and was actually a single mom.

  • Navigating trips outside of the house. This can be a list within itself, but my biggest struggle the decision of how to load groceries, but the cart back, and buckle up the precious cargo. Do you place the child in the carseat while the cars running with A/C flowing first? Load groceries then lock the child in the car and break a sweat to return the cart? It’s always a challenge
  • The anxiety of going to populated kid places and being the adult representative for your child… while everyone else has both parents present and sometimes grandparents
  • The fear of the unknown that is a restaurant. I have never been in a restaurant by myself with my mini me.
  • Never having enough time, hands, eyes…
  • Meeting and relating to non-parent adults. Most conversations on my end, end up mentioning #momlife
  • Co-Parenting
  • Going to a kid-friendly event while my kid is with their other parent. I’m not to a place yet where I can say “Oh she’s with her Dad this weekend”. So I usually opt not to go.

I know there are more. If you are experiencing any of these, please share!