Ghosting Friendships?

I am a believer that friendships are for:
– Reasons
– Seasons
– Lifetime

I am coming to the conclusion that one of my friendships is coming to the end of it’s chapters. What I thought was a lifetime of friendship has seemed to run it course.

It was a friendship for many reasons. This friend came into my life during college. We couldn’t be more opposite. I love her dearly and always will. She taught me that our differences is what makes us special. On the outside looking in, you wouldn’t understand out differences, but we did. You also would have thought we have reversed backgrounds. We lasted many season, just not a lifetime.

With my current outlook on life, I saw how we didn’t seem to fit into each others lives anymore. I faded out quickly. I was an afterthought most of the times. She is fully unaware of my darkest times. You could say this is selfish of me, but friendship occurs when either person is at their highest highs or lowest lows. I take pride in how I am I as a friend.

I didn’t have it in me to send a message of “I’m over this friendship” or whatever you say when you’re done. I started distancing myself. I started pouring more of myself into the friendships that are pouring into me.

I never believe the line that “I’m bad at texting”. You make time for your significant other or your other friends. I’ve never been a fan of ghosting, but I’ve recently adopted that tactic in the name of mental health.

My mental health is not at a great place. I am seeing how I need to make decisions that protect my peace. When I see the lessons my mom taught me, I think of what I want my daughter to adopt.

I can’t say I’m sad to see this friendship end. With the trend of how things were going, it was inevitable. I’m not surprised one bit. She shouldn’t be either.

I do wish I could thank her for her time. She taught me a lot and for that I’ll always be grateful.