What is this hoopla and mumbo jumbo?

I always heard of people saging and manifesting what they want. It wasn’t until my divorce that I decided to open my mind to other things to help me feel better and safe.

I saged my house and welcomed peace. I also deep cleaned my home so in my mind, a combo of the two really cleansed my house of any negativity that could be lingering. Also, this was necessary because when I got back into my home, it was a filthy mess.

I try to speak into existence what I want. I am fully aware of life having ups and downs. I would love more ups (who would dare want more downs!?). I want happiness, but this doesn’t mean there won’t be any sadness.

I’m willing to try anything! Even if whatever I manifest doesn’t come to reality, what harm can being positive to yourself about yourself do?

Let’s manifest together!