Have I Already Met My Future?

I am fully aware that this post my be embarrassing by the time it comes out.

I once heard that by the time you hit a certain age (maybe 30-35ish?), chances are you have already met your person in some capacity.

This has been weighing pretty heavy on my mind lately. Maybe because I know there is a happy ever after out there for me with more kids to love on. It could be that if that is my possibility, then I need to start making moves ASAP, my child bearing years will soon pass. It could also be that with my marriage ending, I’ve reconnected with friends – males – who have proven that in the years I was with my ex and our friendship was pretty much non-existent… these guys never left.

2 friends come to mind.

1 I met in college and we were great friends. In fact my roommates thought we should have dates. I’m sure the crush was mutual, but nothing ever came out of it. He moved and we lost touch. I redownloaded a social media app and he was a suggested friend. Since then, we’re now considered “Besties” on the app. I could go on and on about this one, he has a very special place in my heart since we were teens.

The other friends, I met in my early professional years. He would prefer me not to blog about him – which I never promised I wouldn’t. I told him about my divorce early on and he’s been extremely supportive any way he can.

Both of these guys I have deep love for. I can be my true authentic self around them. I can genuinely say that I want the best for them and would be happy and cheering for whatever happiness is coming their way.

If anything ever comes to fruition for either of these guys, I’ll be sure to share. For now, I’ll just continue loving them and rooting for them.