Navigating Divorce

Divorce sucks. Point blank. Even when it’s your decision, it still sucks. Here are my reasons to file for divorce. My initial feelings to this life changing decisions and how those feelings have changed.

Why Divorce was my Decision

  1. My child deserves to see her momma happy
  2. I deserve to be happy
  3. I can do bad all by myself
  4. I would not want my child to be in my position
  5. Life is too short to not be happy

The decision has been made… now what

  1. Relief
  2. Worried of what’s next
  3. Anxiousness
  4. Stress
  5. All the feelings


  1. Centered (most days)
  2. Stress (here and there)
  3. Finding more positivity out there
  4. Happiness