Life Post Divorce

I can’t stop smiling. Life sucks in some aspects. I’m broke and rebuilding the life I had pre-marriage/dating. I also have this beautiful outlook where I am coparenting better than I thought I would. We aren’t best of friends, but we don’t show our daughter our negative sides.

I have adjusted to sharing custody. I caught myself giving my ex-husband praise for how he is with our child. I am still extremely proud of my decision to file for divorce. I was in an awful situation and got myself out and ultimately made the best decision for my daughter.

Now I am in this odd position that I never imagined myself in. My ex-husband was bitter beyond belief. He took things out of the house that he was not entitled to. He took some of my belongings. Some of that is furniture. I proudly purchased a piece that he removed today. I was happy to complete a suite, but also bittersweet seeing how I should have my stuff from the beginning.

I don’t know if this is growth or not. I know I’ll just continue riding this high as long as I can.


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