Hot Take: Is Water Wet

This question circle around my work slack channel every few months. I’m so surprised when answers are split on this one.

Water is wet. It’s liquid.

The argument I hear most is, water has the ability to make other things wet. Which is true, but doesn’t that mean it has to be we to make other things wet?

The other argument is, water has the ability to take on multiple forms – solid, liquid, and gas. My response is always so… Just because you take on multiple forms doesn’t mean you don’t have the ability to be wet.

Liquid is obvious and is wet
Gas is steam, which I’d say can make you wet (moist – sorry I know that’s an iffy word). To say steam is wet is what I’d say is debatable
Solid, ice. Again, this can make one wet. To say solid is wet itself can also be debatable.

Because water in 1 of those forms is wet, is why I’d say water is in fact wet.

Mic drop


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