April 2023 Recap

Better late than never

Here’s a rundown of April. Highlights and lowlights. April wasn’t the best, but wasn’t the worse. It was meh *shrug*


  1. Found my groove with in my career. I have a great mentor and am getting more comfortable finding my voice.
  2. Adulting, I scheduled appointments. Since becoming a mom, I make sure my child is taken care of. Me on the other hand, I’ve been forgotten about. I’ve scheduled (and attended some) dentist and doctor appointments. Time to put myself first.
  3. Cleaning out unnecessary crap! In my best efforts to make this house “casa de baby girl and me”, I have started purging all items that don’t belong.


  1. Accepting that this is my life. I am okay with it (at least I convinced myself of this), but it’s a harsh reality. I didn’t dream of becoming a single mom of 1, singular, child. But after living this life, I wouldn’t change a thing.
  2. Accepting my ex husband is now stepping up and being the father I asked him to be. He is now being present in our daughters life and it’s hard to see him going out of his way for 15 minutes when he he had more time before.
  3. Going through the motions – I thought I was happy with life, but reflecting now, I’m just living life one day at a time. I live in constant worry of waiting for the good things coming to an end.

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