What Would Little Me Think

Little me would be shocked at how my life turned out. For one thing, she’d be surprised that I got married… and then divorced. She would also not know how to process that she is going to become a mother.

To be honest, she’d be let down in where I am right now. She would also in awe of the resilience.

I know younger me would LOVE the idea that I did decide to have a child. I was a babysitter and nanny when I was younger. I was good with kiddos, just never saw them in my future.

If you gave little me the bullet points of my life she’d be a little disappointed. I’m not a sports agent. I’m not living in a different city. I don’t have a dog. Oh yeah, and my dads dead.

If little me saw a chart of my happiness level and moods, she’d be pleasantly pleased. The past 4 years would have some red hot spots here and there and a constant red blob for the past year an a half – but life right now is in the best bright bold green there is.


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