Hot Take: Spotify vs. Apple Music

Spotify, ALL DAY!

I will admit, I do not have any experience with Apple Music. Well, besides that unwanted U2 album they forced upon us years ago.

I was an avid Pandora user for years. That was how I found new music for a good chunk of time. I made the switch to Spotify when my brother offered me a spot on his family account.

This is how I use Spotify. I have a playlist of ‘My Likes’ that tends to play most often. Recently, I discovered the Enhanced (which was recently replaced with another name), but it shuffles songs I may like into my liked songs. I really like this part.

I also will type in a feeling or mood and find a playlist that someone else already created to vibe with. Ex. Divorce or Bad Bitch Playlist have been searched

One thing I dislike is, podcast on Spotify. I am an Apple Podcaster for life.

Here’s my Hot Take!


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