I imagine myself as a cartoon character sometimes. Some call me a creature of habit. If something’s working well for me, why change it?

For example, when I was in college I would eat the same meals all the time. Toast for breakfast. Granola bar for a snack. Salad with strawberries in it on campus for lunch. Nuts for a snack. Grilled chicken strip and salad for dinner. Once a week I’d treat myself to Chili’s where… I’d get the same meal each time. Oh so predictable.

This even falls over to my choice of entertainment. I much rather rewatch the same movie/tv shows I’ve seen hundreds of times. I preach that structure and routine is good – especially for children. I just didn’t realize how much that rolls over to more aspects of my life.

2023 has been eye opening. When I started writing this post, my routine was a very set in its ways routine. I still love my routine, but I’m starting to be a little less Type A and a little more “go with the flow”. (when I say a little, I mean minuscule amounts at a time, but getting better!)


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