Adulting is Hard

I feel as if I’ve hit walls left and right. I got promoted to adulthood and now I’m thinking that was not a promotion I wanted.

18 – legal adult and society says you’re capable of being on your own. I think I was a mature person at 18. I was in college and knew bills existed but couldn’t tell you what a mortgage was.

21 – drinking! That was fun at first and I quickly observed how much of a negative impact drinking can have. I graduated college shortly after turning 21, but the friends that were still in school after I left had greater effects of alcohol.
– I enjoy drinking, but would only drink 1 night on either Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. I didn’t drink much.

Dating/Engagement/Married – are we ever really ready?

Children – again, are we ever really ready?

Divorce – a mindfuck on multiple levels

Throw in finances, health, family, work, day to day obligations, and it’s enough to make me crawl in a hole and not want to come out.

I know if I had someone to share the daily struggles with, I wouldn’t be here typing out complaints. We all have our own challenges, but adulting in general is my greatest challenge and accomplishment.


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