Dream Weather

Warning: Random Post

I think most people would say their perfect weather falls somewhere in the 70s and sunny.

That does sound nice, but I think I would THRIVE in a rainy climate. There’s something about the calmness on a rainy day that puts me at ease. Yes, it makes me want to curl up on the couch or bed and watch movies or a book. It also forces me to slow down. I’m reminded that not a lot of things in life need to be so fast paced and aren’t as important as I make them.

I get excited when there’s a chance of rain. For one, I don’t have to water my yard or plants. On the other hand, it eliminates most plans that are made outside the home.

Now there is one catch to the rainy weather – it can’t be cold and rainy. Occasionally, but a cooler temp but not too cold would be the ultimate dream.


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