Blankets and Cups

the best simple pleasure

The amount of times I have to stop myself from adding another blanket or cup to my cart is insane. There’s nothing better than curling up on the couch with a blanket and your beverage nearby. *besides spending time with my daughter

When I look for a blanket the criteria is to the point, big and comfy. My go to is a Barefoot Dreams blanket. My saving money hack is I bought it at Nordstrom Rack (with a gift card!). A fluffy blanket doesn’t always equal comfort.

When I get a cup, I look at the capacity to price ratio. Obviously, you’d expect the price to increase as the liquid amount increases (but not always!). My current favorite is a SimpleModern 32oz cup. I just need to find some more longer straws for it. I have a couple CORKICICLE bottles, and Hydro Flask that I rotate through frequently. Those are my go to water cups. I have some Yeti’s in the mix too.

I can’t forget specialty “cups”. The coffee mug and it’s a stretch but shot glass. These were items I use to collect when I traveled a ton. Mug wise, I collected the Starbucks ‘Wish You Were Here’ series mugs. Nowadays I like the sentimental mugs. I went through a clear glass phase. Now I’m in my inspirational, cute, and simple phase.

In my final defense for my love of both blankets and cups… these make great gifts when you don’t know what to get someone!


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