March 2023 Recap

Here we are again for yet another recap. 1/4 of the year is done. You should know the drill by now. Here’s some highlights and lowlights.


  1. Promotion! – I’ve worked my butt off and started advocating for myself in order to get my new position!
  2. Rediscovering a previous love – “Wanna run a 5k with me in less than 30 days?” – Sure, why not. Now I’m back to a training mentalitity and ready to fall deeper in love with running. I also went to the Rodeo this month, something I’ve missed out on since my ex refused to go.
  3. Embracing new opportunities – I spoke with my dearest friend for almost 3 hours in which talks of her upcoming wedding were heavily discussed. There’s a chance I may be traveling and having new experiences to round out my year.
  4. Officially Divorced Single Mom Status.


  1. Leaning into being an INDEPENDENT single mother -I pride myself on getting things done, on my own. This month I had a few moments where I thought “it’d be nice to have a partner to share the load with”. 1 while while doing some yard work solo, I would have loved to have someone to carry bags of mulch with and dance around the back yard as we got things looking pretty.
  2. Realizing how much I’ve lost of myself. – this ones a low and a high
  3. Feeling directionless in how to kickstart my life post divorce

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