Rolling Up The Welcome Mat

I’ve never related to a song or album as much as I do this one. Kelsea Ballerini did a fantastic job putting her life into the form of music. If this isn’t in my 2023 Spotify Wrapped, then what data are they going off of?

I did not know the parallels that my life have to Kelsea. Each song resonated deeply with me.

I enjoy all of the songs, but my clear favorites are ‘Interlude‘ and ‘Blindsided‘.

In my marriage, I was often alone. So ‘Mountain with a View‘ hit me right in the gut.

Just Married‘ was raw.
It was a beautiful wedding.
Sometimes I still tase the Veuve
And dammit I wish I wasn’t this ready
To undo I do
But I wasn’t made for fixing a plate
and getting divorced sounds scary

Yeah it was love, it really was
Then it was just married.

Penthouse – the hardest to relate to for obvious reasons, yet I still found a connection. I planned for the future, he didn’t.

Interlude. No words.

Blindsided – “I told you what I needed, didn’t have to read my mind (how many people were like HELL YEAH to this line!?). Also, “were you blindsided or were you just blind”. This is crystal clear

Leave Me Again – I don’t think I’m as emotionally mature as Kelsea is in this song. Yes, I wish the best for my ex. Just not in as great of details as Kelsea laid out. I wish my ex the best in the sense of co-parenting and his decision making skills that affect our child. Other than that, I don’t have an opinion or desire to interfere with other aspects of his life.

Kelsea, if you ever come across this little ol blog – a heartfelt and sincere thank you for this EP ♥


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