Insomnia is a bitch.

Well, tonight this post is brought to you by *dingdingding* a sleepless night.

I never experienced insomnia until I was pregnant. I would go to bed around 8:30-9pm and be wide awake around 11 or midnight (if I was lucky). My husband would be peacefully sleeping in our bed and I’d be surfing the web in the living room hoping I’d get tired.

My husband was the type that would get upset if there was any noise that disturbed his sleep. So there wasn’t much to do. I prepped for our baby and tried to tire myself.

Nowadays, insomnia looks similar but different. When I’m up, I have a sleeping toddler. Although she is a heavier sleeper than her father, I don’t want to test the lines.

So what do I do now?

– I play on my laptop. “Playing” means a lot to me. That can range from YouTube to creating a blog post to googling a dream.
– I clean. I’ve mopped at 3am before. I’ve have great clothing purging sessions in the wee hours.
– Read. I’m trying to get more into this.
– Catch up on TV – there is wayyyyy to much to consume
– Work (if I can). I try to avoid sending emails too late. Whatever task I can knockout without sending an email will do.

How do I power through?


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