Being the Bigger Person Sucks Sometimes

For several weeks, I told my therapist this.

“When they go low, you go high”and “kill them with kindness” are phrases we often hear. The are great quotes, but they’re exhausting.

In many aspects of my life I am the bigger person. I was in my marriage. I am during our divorce. I was in friendships. This even spills over in my professional life and I hold this bigger person role in my career.

Towards the end of 2022, I found a solution to being the bigger person – in some ways. For example in friendships, I simply protected my peace and mental health and eliminated those that weren’t serving me in any way. The blocking feature and unfriend button are magical. Also, not everything needs an explanation.

In my career, I started speaking up more. I no longer DM’d messages. I realized I was the bigger person in private with minimal colleagues knowing how much of the bigger person I had became.

I think it is time to tweak my “Goals for 2023” post. Time to pencil in, ‘Put ME First’


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