Hot Take: Books vs. Audiobooks vs. ebooks

A good classic book is best.

An audio book isn’t my vibe. I don’t love them but I don’t hate them. If I’m going to listen to something that isn’t music, it will be a podcast. Audiobooks are typically too long for me to listen to in a single setting. I am not able to find a good stopping point like I could with a traditional book.

ebooks- I have a hard time reading on my phone. Not sure if it’s worth dishing out the funds for a kindle. I also don’t know how satisfied I’d feel if I can’t see the real progress that I am making. Also, I still prefer my MacBook over a tablet or my phone. I think I’m just stuck in the past.

This hot take isn’t truly level playing field topic. For one, I’ve only experienced 2 of the three mediums. If I give a ebook a try, I will update this post – if needed.


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