How’s Blogging Going Pt. 2

I’m way overdue for this update.

This passion project of mines was pumping endorphins through me. It’s endorphins, right? And yes, I said was.

So at the start things were wobbly, I was getting my footings down and eager to learn. I was getting clicks and it was exciting. I made Pins for Pinterest and kept writing on whatever came to mind. Then things became discouraging when the data wasn’t what I expected.

My dedication to producing post went down quickly. I took time to enjoy the holidays and I’ve accepted that I can’t drain myself for something that doesn’t meet expectations. Or I needed to lower my expectations. I know I worded that pretty confusing.

My decision was a combo of both. I have lowered my expectations. I don’t get views as often as I’d like. It’s life, I don’t have some huge following (I’m grateful for YOU reading this now) so what is to be expected. I cannot dedicate time strictly to this blog and forget my day to day life. I want to spend some time on this site, but it’s not my whole life.

So overall the mindset is worry and care less about stats. AND also, give energy when I can.

Let’s see how this adjustment works!


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