January 2023 Recap

Spoiler Alert – January made the rest of the year extremely hard to live up to

Goals were set. Stress was lowered. I lived life. Here are some of my highlights.

  1. Birthday celebration! My daughter is a January baby and we of course had to celebrate. This year my daughter had a special day with both of her parents. (this will be a coparenting post coming)
  2. Getting a Build -A- Bear for cheap! Parents, make an account with BAB and add your child(ren) and their birthday month. During your kiddos birthday month, you pay the price that your kid is turning. Ex. A kid turning 3, their bear will be $3!
  3. My best friend came to town! She’s the first houseguest that I’ve had, so it was special to have her for a few days.
  4. I read more. My reading goal is 24 books this year. I’m on my 3rd and joined the book club at work – so technically I’m on my 3 and 4th book.
  5. This last one will be generalized with one statement. Progress. Progress has been made in several aspects of my life.

Now to be honest, here are some of the lowlights.

  1. Ending a friendship. It needed to be done, but was still hard.
  2. I didn’t write much. I wrote a ton of post early on and scheduled those to be live. Now I’m starting to get behind.
  3. Financial strain. The bills from the Holiday’s caught up with me. I didn’t have anything outrageous. I just had a few additional once a year bills.
  4. Few minor inconveniences – my cable box had to be replaced along with my modem.

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