Dead Parents Club

A club we will all eventually be apart of. Some of us get tapped early in life, others have the opportunity to rack up all the memories.

I lost my Dad when I was 27. Exactly 6 months after he walked me down the aisle. I was 7 weeks pregnant with his first grandchild.

Grieving is a unique experience to each and every one of us. Some days I’m sad at the thought of death. Some days I find humor in it.

I have very mixed feelings on death. I have lost a lot of loved ones by the time my Dad passed. To sum how I view death is easy. It’s bound to happen, we can’t avoid it. In 2020, my dad and 2 of his siblings (3 total) passed 3 months after each other. My uncle, then my dad, then their oldest sister. By the time I got the call that my aunt had passed, I simply replied “okay, well I’m making dinner. I’ll let Mom know.”

Losing a parent hits hard. Losing a parent and entering parenthood, might hit harder.

If I could be granted 1 conversation with my Dad now, I’d start with apologizing for being a little turd. I told him this as I said my goodbyes to him – but I don’t know if he understood. I know our conversation would be him laughing and asking if his granddaughter is paying me back.

There’s so many things I wish I could have shared with him these past couple of years.

To save you some rambling, I miss my Dad. I always will.


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