Open Book Lifestyle

This is the lifestyle I adopted once I filed for divorce.

I was embarrassed about the events that led to my divorce. Honestly, I still am. I told my mom first with tears pouring down. I then called my brother and I’m not sure how he fully understood what I said through the tears. I then told a handful of close girlfriends and of course my attorney.

Each time I told someone I could hear the surprise and concern in my loved ones voices. Shortly after getting through the details of what led to my decision, I was met with a lot of questions and reasonings. Each person had a different interpretation. This truly opened my eyes.

The moment I just described is probably the most pivotal one. It make so much sense that when you have a conversation with someone, their perspective is not the same as mines. I was too close to my hot topic. By allowing someone in I was able to ‘see’ the greater picture.

I made the decision to sign up for therapy (best decision and gift I could ever do for myself). I knew therapy wouldn’t work for me unless I truly gave it my all and held nothing back.

Now I see that being open has led me to living the best version of being me!


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