2023 starting off strong

I am at an all time high right now!

It’s a fresh new year. I survived the holidays. My kiddos birthday is coming up. Although I am slacking in party planning, I just received the BEST news ever.

I am getting the best birthing day present I could have ever wished for. My best friend will be here for my child’s birthday. In fact, she will be here for a few days surrounding the special day. I could cry typing this. In fact, I’m starting to tear up.

So my friend lives many many states away. We don’t get to talk as often as we’d like. Our texts always include an “I love you” and we mean it. She is the person I wish I were more like. (She honestly deserves her own post which will probably happen).

Back to my year starting off great…

I want to keep this energy throughout the year. This is the moment I want to remember and channel back to a pure happiness of 2023.

January has set the tone.


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