Real Morning Routine

How many post and YouTube videos have you seen of an extravagant morning routines? There’s the “Millionaires Morning” and “Routine to be the Best Mom” and the list goes on.

I’m here to let you know how a typical morning looks for me. Each morning looks different, similar but different. This is a work weekday routine. I wake up around 7am – lay in bed and don’t move until the baby monitor notifies me of movement. From here I have 2 options

Option 1

Start work around 7:30 until baby is fully awake

Option 2

Attend to my child. Work can wait.


I bob and weave to please my child and if needed I work late to fulfill my work obligations.
My child does still take a nap midday. During this time, I fit in a 20-30 minute workout. My workout is typically a Peloton ride or a run. After that workout, I really zone in on work.

*If I have a busy morning, I make arrangements to have someone help with my daughter

We have a routine that some may call organized chaos. The outline of what we do is simple:

  • Meals
  • We have some screen time. Some days there is no screen time. One thing I appreciate from my childhood is that my parents watched everything I watched. Little did I know my dad would randomly quote Hey Arnold to me. I am aware of what my kiddo is taking in.
  • Outside time – a walk to our mailbox, chalk time, gardening, a run anything that gets us some fresh air
  • Car Wash – hear me out… the early days of being a mom I was nervous to drive this tiny human around. I started by driving around my neighborhood. Then slowly ventured out to a nearby place that didn’t require me getting out. That place was the carwash. I got to drive a distance, have a “break”, and who doesn’t love the colorful soap?
  • Chores – my mini me likes imitating me. When I pull out the vacuum, she has to pull out hers. When I start putting toys away, she joins in. I hope this post doesn’t jinx that.
  • Snacks. She truly is her mothers daughter.
  • Reading – this is something I’ve been personally wanted to incorporate in my life, so I take time to work through my daughter library with her
  • Of course we play with toys.

The days when screens are off, I typically play a podcast or music in the background.

That’s a chaotic looking “Day in My Life”. It’s probably not for most, but it works for us!


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