Toddler Activities

I had over a week off from work, which is great, but also stressful. What in the world can I do to spend time with my daughter outside of the house?

I’m on a budget, so I need activities that do not cost much.

Check out the public library!

My new go-to will be to take my kid (and suggest parents) to check out kids time at their local library.

I took my girl and they have a play area. 1. this saves me from buying more toys 2. the mess isn’t at my house

We did Toddler Time. The session was 3o minutes and was full of songs, a book, and noise filled activities that kept us entertained. Unfortunately, my daughter doesn’t get to be around other kids often, so this was exciting for her to interact with children and experience the outside world.

Throughout my week off from work, we stayed busy and do nothing all at once. I napped when she napped. We went to a park, did a mid week swim class, and just lived in the moment.


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