When it rains, it pours

So today has been great. NOT. Did I just show my age there?
*this post is delayed*

This morning, I wanted a to grab a quick bite to eat. What I did not know was that bite would cost me roughly $400 bucks. Yes, you read that right.

Shortly after leaving my house, I got a flat tire. Fast forward to my insurance dispatching someone to come change my tire (roughly 30 minutes) and then a trip to Discount Tire.

I am grateful that the people I encountered regarding my tire were great. The guys who put my spare on, educated me that I could easily get my tire patched instead of being convinced it needed to be replaced.

Discount Tire, the guy could see my stress raising. My little girl was still in her PJs and getting fussy. He didn’t rush me as I quickly looked to see if I could price match. It was recommended that I purchase another tired due to the thread and having 1 new vs 3 old tires. I was already getting one tire free, so I understood the logic.

During our wait, I decided to grab food next door. This is the first time I ever took baby girl out to eat solo. This is when I experienced how invisible I am to people. I struggled. Correction, I STRUGGLED. I ordered food and wasn’t sure where silverware was let along how to get a high chair. I lugged my daughter, got our drink and found a seat. Our food came soon after. The employee literally dropped our food and left. I had to then gather my food, wallet, phone, daughter, and drink to retrieve our silverware and then find a new seat. When I got back to a table, I just wanted to sob. I didn’t, I kept a brave face and tried to entertain a 1 year old, eat, and get her to eat as well. She ran out in front of a couple leaving. I’ve given more apologies today than I have in the past 6 months. It was hard. But I survived.

Lesson learned for my future outings, be aware of my surrounding. Offer help when I can. If I see a single parent that could use a helping hand, I’ll make them feel seen. I am not concerned with looking weird, if I see someone with a kid solo, I will ask if there’s anything I can do to help. That can mean, getting them a drink or getting a highchair. I desperately wished someone would have tried assisting me today.


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