2023 Goals

Resolution Goals!

Read 25 books this year. I recently rediscovered my love of books this like couple of months. I realized in about 2 months, I have read 6 books. I discovered the ‘Goodreads’ app to help hold me accountable. I also share good books with people that I think will enjoy them so we can discuss afterwards.

Cook more – specifically – really work on perfecting 12 food items (cooking or baking). Last year I wanted to learn a new drink each month. I failed because I learned a Pineapple Margarita in January and that became my go to.

Health is always a goal. I want to be active 2-3x a week. In addition to that I want to stretch and/or meditate *most* days. I love the fitness routine that I currently have, I just need to stay consistent.

Give more without over exhausting or overextending myself. I know volunteering may be challenging, but I will be mindful to help others when I can.

Craft more. I make shirts and signs on a whim. I want to be intentional with my free time. I would love to complete 3-4 blankets this year and explore more ways to bring out some creativeness. I enjoy working with my hands more than I thought I’d be.

These are just a few that come to mind. Of course, as life happens, I’ll have to readjust and this list may be a different in the next few weeks and months.


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