HBOMax Recommendations

HBO is my favorite streaming service. There are so many classic shows that I love. Here is what I’ve recommended to anyone looking for something to watch.

Entourage – My all time favorite. I know it’s problematic nowadays, but if you enjoy pop culture and Marky Mark, you will LOVE this series. My favorite fictional character of all time is Mr. Ari Gold. Watch the show and tell me you don’t love (or love to hate) him.

Sex & the City – does this need explanation? 4 ladies who you can’t help but categorizes with your friends

The Flight Attendant – 1st season was amazing. I love seeing Kaley Cuoco in serious situations.

White Lotus – This is the show that I can’t help but describe as “I watched it and not sure why, but I loved it”. I’ve successfully have gotten 4 friends hooked on it.

The Sopranos – I’m behind the curve on this one. I’ve been recommended to watch it multiple times. I’m a few seasons in and looking forward to keep going.

That’s all I have so far. Tell me if there’s anything must watch that I am missing!

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