Social Settings Scare Me

Public events are the worse. I know I can’t keep my kiddo at home all day every day, but public outings are hard. Going to a store isn’t bad. Going to parties or any sort of personal place isn’t my cup of tea.

I am constantly watching my offspring. So this means I don’t get to relax and let loose. I have to watch out for danger. This isn’t because I’m a helicopter parent. This is because I co-parent with someone who doesn’t understand that kids are kids. If I send my daughter with a scratch, I am questioned about it.

I am always solo + kid. I mean this in the sense that, I can’t simply go to the restroom unless I take my child with me. I can’t run and grab a bite to eat unless the kids on the hip or nearby. I don’t ask others to watch my daughter while I step away, because it’s not their responsibility.

Because of those two items stated, I don’t socialize with adults at these outing. 1. most adults are there for fun – not to stand around with the lady who’s hanging with the children.
2. the parents that are there, aren’t solo so they have their own system down where 1 parent watches the kid and other has fun then switch… either way I’m still ignored

So that in a nutshell is kinda sorta why I like living my hermit lifestyle.


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