Titles are Important.

When I became a mom, I did not want to accept the “Mom” title. In fact, it took me several months to say I had a daughter. There was a fear of acknowledging that I am in fact a parent. I didn’t want the typical assumptions that come from a Mom.

My image of a Mom is first, Amy Poehler charter in ‘Mean Girls’. A mom that’s still trying to be ‘hip’. Or the alternative of just being old. It took taking a Strength test at work for me to lean into my title. When I took the strength test, my top strength was Responsibility.

Something just clicked. There’s nothing wrong with being responsible. Hearing others peoples strengths let me know that we are all wonderfully made and life would be incredibly boring if we were all the same.

Now this made me think, what other titles am I running for. We always hear of people wanting to DTR (do people still say that to define the relationship?).

Growing up, I did not always love my height. I was always the tall girl on the back row. My parent’s joked that they weren’t going to be able to marry me off. I am shy of 6 ft. and it’s been like that for a while.

I did not want to accept that I was a single mom. Who wants that title? That means I’m another statistic. I can’t say I’m proud to have the title, but I embrace it. I can handle a whole hell of a lot more than some people in better situations than me.

I did not want to accept the title of Divorcee… but I much rather have that than married.

Now, I can easily go down a rabbit hole of these negative thoughts.

Things I have always loved is, my ability to find humor in things. The amount of love I am capable of despite circumstances. My patience. My upbringing. Oh so much more, this exercise is one that I thought may have been challenging – but surprisingly not. I guess I am loving this new loving myself vibes I’m having!


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