Lessons I Will Share With My Daughter

Raising a little lady is great pressure. Actually raising any little human is a lot. Here are the thoughts in my head that I’d love to pass on to the one I’m setting an example for.

Every day is a gift. Each morning is a chance to have a better day then the one before
Your father and I aren’t together and this is absolutely NOT your fault. Some people just aren’t meant to be.
There’s not much that music and a dance party can’t fix
Take care of yourself. Your body is the only one you’ll ever have. That means skincare, mental health, physical – every aspect. Self care is not selfish.
Live in the moment. Not behind a screen. Social media is just a brag fest.
Find joy in many things. Baking, Crafting, Cooking, Gardening, Music, Media, Reading. The possibilities are endless.
There’s nothing wrong or lame about following rules.
Your word is all you’ve got. Don’t say anything unless you mean it.
Don’t arrive anywhere empty handed
Seek out the good, but don’t be naive to all that’s out there.
A calm demeanor will take you far. This is a superpower.
Moderation is key. Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.
When you’re happy. Call Mom
When you’re sad. Call Mom
When you need advice. Call Mom
When you are anxious. Call Mom
When you’re lost, confused, and lonely. Call Mom
When you need money. Call Dad Mom
I loved you first.

I’m sure I could rattle off more ideas. For now let’s just call this part one.


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