Finding myself.

I spent majority of my 20s in a relationship. Since ending that relationship, I sadly lost my identity. I am now rediscovering who I was and the things I liked.

Things I loved before my relationship:
1. Sports – Hello, I wanted to be a Sports Agent
you didn’t ask but my teams are
NCAA – Texas Longhorns
MLB – Houston Astros
NBA – Orlando Magic
NFL – I just want to see a good game (Houston Texans, let’s root for the home team)

2. Skin Care – I use to have a top notch skin care routine. I say top notch because I felt amazing after doing it. I fell in love with SkinOwl products and went as far to owning a skincare fridge.

3. Reading – I was a big reader when I was young. College times, I didn’t read for fun. I’ve tried getting back into the swing of things, but yeah. It’s always a New Years Goal for me.

4. Movies – I enjoyed going to the movies. In fact, this was my favorite solo activity. Hitting up a matinee (cheap tickets)

I am fully aware that I changed myself for that guy I loved. Now I know to stand my ground and be 100% me.


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