Co-Parenting Reality

Co-parenting can be a beautiful thing that is a result of something not so great. I wish I could say my ex-husband and I are a great example of what co-parenting can be, but we aren’t.

First and foremost, my daughter is my main priority. I want her to be the happy and healthy little girl she is, for as long as possible. I don’t let her know of the hard times I’ve experienced with her father. I have taken on loads of stress in multiple ways to minimize the struggle on my kiddo.

The Dream

– Casual conversation between parents in front of the child and in a comfortable manner if the child isn’t present
– Parents coming together for special events: birthdays. sporting events, holidays
– Leniency in possession of child; coordinate the child’s time that works best for the child and parent

Real Life

– Honor parent’s period of possession
– Communicate via a court ordered app… or attempt to
– Majority of responsibility falls on one parent
– Secondary parents is the “fun parent” with no rules structure

Co-Parenting is hard. The best thing to remember during these awkward hard times is, the child comes first.


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