Daily Saving Money Tips

Now everyone (or most people) have heard the “make coffee at home instead of buying that latte daily”. In addition to that age old advice I’ve incorporated the following:

1. reusable water bottles. I was already not drinking a full bottle of water and wasted some. now I fill up my bottles from my filtered fridge. I don’t feel bad if I waste water and whatever is left over goes to my plants

2. dryer balls. I use these to cut time on drying my clothes. you can also throw in a towel to help dry clothes

3. closing my blinds. This helps keep my energy bill reasonable.

4. gardening. I plant a summer and fall garden. It’s relatively a low cost to get started. If I actually have a nice harvest than I save money in the grocery stores. If I don’t produce much, it was a good try.

5. purge your wardrobe during a heavy laundry day. Obviously if clothes are still in the drawer or closet, this means you haven’t worn it in the last week or however long you let laundry pile up. do your deep cleaning and donate or sell those clothing.

*an idea I haven’t personally done, but comes to mind from the previous tip – garage sale or resell place (Facebook Market or OfferUp). One mans ‘trash’ is another mans treasure.

I’m not the most eco friendly person (I try!). I’ve noticed that by slowly incorporating things that are good for our earth, it does end up saving me money in the long run.

Another tip post is in the making!


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