Single Working Mom

How does she do it? Honestly, I don’t know. Majority of the time it’s just autopilot.

The secret to my successful days is having structure. When new parents are searching for the secret, they always say kids love routines. Kids grow up to be adults and, in my case I love routines.

Navigating this new normalcy of life, is causing me to create new routines. How do I fit in the basic needs for life along with the young life I’m caring for and my own needs?

Here’s a rough ides of the important things to squeeze in a day:

Moms Needs:Baby’s Needs:
3 Meals3 Meals + multiple snacks
Basic Hygiene (teeth/bath/restroom)Basic Hygiene (teeth/bath/restroom)
WorkLearn the world around them
Teach child the world around them
Cook the meals
Work on additional income
Tidy the house
Maintain yard work
Recover for the next day
and the list goes on

In addition to structure – accepting and asking for help is key. I have an awesome tribe around me who is always willing to help in any way they can.

I put my little human first. Always.
But, I also prioritize things that will help me reach my max potential high up on my list. For example, I prioritize therapy for myself and 20-30ish minute of physical activity to help me be the best I can be for my little.

I also know, a bad day  ≠ bad week/month/year/life. Some days I will feel like Super Mom and others I count down to bed time so I can have a fresh go the next day.


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