Ways to relax, when you can’t

I am not one that can relax easily. For example, I should be asleep right now – recharging – but no, I am channeling my inner Carrie Bradshaw.

If you Google “how to relax” you will see the typical things, such as “take a bath. go on a walk. enjoy your favorite meal. do self care. nap.” I for one, simply cannot relax. I have to constantly do something and be stay busy.

Things I find relaxing, but only if I’m in the mood to do any of these things

Watching TikTok’s
Online shopping (but not checking out)
Writing list
Listening to podcast
Dreaming of my next big plan
Blogging (but before it was blogging, it was just journaling)
Yard Work
Cricut Crafts
Cleaning – but only specific things at specific times
Recreating things I see online (see Instagram Day article)

Here’s my list (see I told you I relax by listing). Do you have any other recommendations I should try out!?


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