How To Start A Blog

Follow me as I guide it out (and hopefully save you some time!)
*at the time of this post, I am a little under a month in the making*

Here are a few things and my mindset going into creating mysecrettohappiness.

. I was given a nugget of knowledge that said the key to a successful blog is having content
. When I created my blog, I had several post saved as drafts that were just ideas. When I decided to make this page live, I cleaned them up and started scheduling

. I had a general idea what I could do, but didn’t research as much as I should have. I thought the ‘wing it’ mentality would come into play. It has, but I am usually better prepared.

. There’s more than just posting. Advertising. This is a no brainer, but where will you share this tiny piece of creativity? What all is needed to share? For example, I quickly learned to create a Pinterest Pin. Now I’m considering an Instagram or Facebook to get the word out.

Stay tuned for my next update!

A look at the pin I created for Pinterest

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